The Laminate People, Inc. carries a large selection of prefinished and unfinished laminate flooring including:


Ash                                                                 Hickory                                                             Southern Yellow
Beech                                                             Jarrah Pecan                                                    Sugar Maple

Birch                                                               Mahogany                                                        Teak
Black Cherry                                                  Merbau                                                             Tulip Poplar
Brazilian Cherry                                            Mesquite                                                           Walnut
Cypress                                                          Padauk                                                              Pine White Ash
Douglas Fir                                                    Purpleheart                                                       White Oak
Heart Pine                                                      Red Oak                                                            Wenge


If you don’t see what you are looking for, or desire a specific effect, let us know. We can order over 90 different kinds of laminate flooring. Flooring can be designed to any specifications with nearly any kind of laminates.


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