Laminate flooring is not only a design choice; it’s also an environmental choice. Laminate floors are a renewable resource, environmentally friendly, and can improve the air quality of your home because they don’t trap dust, pollen and other allergens. Help save the environment, and improve the health of your family — redecorate with laminate floors today!

At The Laminate People, Inc. we specialize in laying custom laminate flooring in commercial and residential properties. For the highest quality laminate flooring in Florida, visit The Laminate People, Inc. today.


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What is prefinished and unfinished laminate?

Prefinished laminate  has a durable and consistent factory finish. No finishing is needed which allows for quick installation, and eliminates the noise and dust associated with laminate installation.

Unfinished laminate is the traditional style of flooring that requires a finish or stain to complete the look of the floor. Unfinished floors allow for more options for colors, stains and finishes, but requires lengthy installation due to the finishing process.




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