Q: How do I care for and prevent damage to my laminate flooring?

A: To maintain your new flooring sweep regularly especially in high traffic areas. If your vacuum cleaner has a laminate setting, this is more effective at removing dirt from your floors than sweeping. To maintain the appearance of your laminate, use a neutral pH cleaner made specifically for laminate flooring.

Q: How do laminate floors compare to other flooring materials?

A: Laminate outperforms and outlasts almost any other flooring, and no other material can compare to its natural beauty.

Q: Can laminate flooring increase the value of my home?

A: Yes. Like all other home improvements laminate can increase the value of your home. Research shows that 90% of real estate agents believe that homes with laminate sell faster, and at a higher price, than comparable homes without laminate flooring.

Q: Is laminate a good environmental choice?

A: Yes. Laminate floors are recyclable, require less energy to manufacture, and are a better insulator than other materials. The Laminate People, Inc. is committed to protecting the environment and recommends laminate as an environmentally friendly alternative to other flooring materials.